Monday, June 30, 2014

Rin Nakai Blog 6/30

 I think that everyone already knows that I, Rin Nakai, will be participating in the UFC Fight Night Japan event at Saitama Super Arena on 9/20. ♡(๑≧౪≦)!

Please come and support me at Saitama Super Arena, all of my fans should come~ O(≧▽≦)O

From now on, I am the UFC's Rin Nakai, everyone knows the UFC, it is by far the biggest promotion in the world, they are the worlds biggest stage, for me to participate at this level is of great significance for me.

However, I am also nervous about the UFC, it is an unknown world to me, yet I also feel like my life's work is coming to fruition, it is like what they call the American Dream and I want it, so I'm full of hope and anxiety, it's a complicated state of mind.

With me being active in the UFC, I can become more famous and popular in Japan and Asia, and with that hopefully I can help the UFC get more popular over here as well.

So I am also working towards US-Japanese relations and world peace.

In entering a new organization, the UFC, I am becoming a newcomer, so  I have to be humble, I will be the newbie, the freshman, how do you say wet behind the ears. That is why I dressed up like a motif from Madonna's Like a Virgin for the press conference, a pure white swing wedding dress.

Since I'm the first women to fight for the UFC from Japan or Asia, I feel like I need to open a path for them so I will try my hardest. ξ(✿ ☯‿☯〃)ξ

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  1. I have studied Rin Nakai’s fights, and the fights of the girls from the UFC like Meisha Tate, and Rhonda Rousey. The fight Rin Nakai had with Meisha Tate September 20, 2014 was a farce. The judges were biased. It ought to have been a draw since neither Rin nor Meisha were able to make a knock out or submission happen. As far as Rhonda Rousey goes she is a fake-o wake-o. They are lying about her and using her for the sole purpose of making money. Dana White the head of the UFC does not care about the sport only about making greedy profits. Rin Nakai is so much better than Meisha Tate or Rhonda Rousey as long as the fight is NOT rigged. The UFC is threatened by the fact that Rin Nakai is a female who happens to have an innocent and sweet face, a gorgeous and powerful mesomorphic body build, a humble and professional demeanor as a fighter who respects the ring, and well seasoned fighting skills. She is the genuine article. Question: Meisha Tate lost more fights than Rin Nakai (her one and only loss was to Meisha Tate). So why is Meisha Tate permitted to keep fighting in the UFC but Rin Nakai is not given any more fights at all? Answer: Most of the people in power in this world in general and in sports in particular, have skinny, bony body types and mean, stupid, selfish, lazy, arrogant, lying flunky personalities. So they are doing their best to keep Rin Nakai from fighting at all. Don’t give up Rin Nakai. It has been a whole year since you last fought. Fight back by making the idiots in the UFC reinstate you as the fantastic fighter that you are. And if not, become more of a star fighting in Japan, a country that has reverence for the Marshall Arts.

    The Midnight Writer