Monday, June 23, 2014

Emi Fujino Blog: It was a Decision

I've returned to Japan safely.

I went down like a sinking ship in my WSOF 10 title match.
I was utterly defeated in a 5 round decision.
I am sorry.
Jessica was very strong.
But the fight was a lot of fun!
I am so thankful for the chance to fight the best in the world.

I probably have some damage here and there and I bled more than usual.
During the fight I had some pain here and there, and to actually fight 5 rounds was difficult.
In the middle of the fight I hit her with a punch and injured my hand. (汗)

I would really like to thank those that supported me!!
Even though I was far away, receiving everyone's messages was really reassuring.

Everything was going well, I didn't have any mental strains going into the fight.
I had worried about my stamina, but thanks to my hard training at GODS and Martial Arts's Gym, I was able to go 5 rounds.
Now I'm going to watch the fight, look at all my mistakes, and continue to do my best.
I'm feeling good even though I'm all lumpy, time to go forward (lol)

It was really a blessing to get to fight at that place.

To stand in such a place, to get here now I've had to overcome so many things, to the officials of Deep Jewels. those that I train with at Gods, Martial Art's Gym, Hearts, Wajutsu Keishukai, my trainers, to those who supported me, I was able to do this because of you.
That is why I had to accept every round.
Thank you so much.

In the car on the way back, Jon Fitch was behind us.
There was so many famous fighters that for myself to be in the middle of it was a beyond strange.

Good bye Las Vegas.
I will have my revenge.

Team Las Vegas.
This is my favorite picture that the photographer took and gave us.
Mei and Taiyou-kun, thank you so much for coming.
And I would also like to thank Tsuda who because he wasn't a second didn't come, but still came with me to the airport. Instead of going, you helped me shave time and have helped me with my training.
Thank you for always supporting me.

It is a great thing that I do Martial Arts.
I have a sense of my reflexes, and it isn't anything but myself, it's good that I've continued.
I like Martial Arts.

I didn't have any jet lag today when I got out of bed.
I have to work today (tears)
It's the same every time, after a fight I have a sense of meaninglessness.
It is such a boring time.

Even more because I lost.

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