Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Deep Jewels 4

Some of the matches for Deep Jewels 4, which takes place on 5/18, have been announced. The main event will likely be a championship match between Shizuka Sugiyama (11-3) and Takayo Hashi (14-4), with the victor becoming the inaugural champion for Deep Jewels. Also on the card is the return of Saori Ishioka (12-7). She will be dropping weight, like many fighters in Asia right now, to 105 and will face off against Satomi Takano (3-3). Yuko Kawabata (0-5) will face Naomi Taniyama (0-2). 

As always bouts will be added to the card in the preceding weeks.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Rin Nakai to fight on 5/11

The Queen of Pancrasse, Rin Nakai (15-0-1) will be competing on the Pancrase 258 card on 5/11. This is an important card. Pancrase will be debuting a 10 sided cage, called the Decagon that they will use in future events. The fights will also be fought under Unified Rules. Unless I am mistaken, this will be the first time that Nakai has ever competed under Unified Rules and will be her first time back in the cage since her Valkyrie days. As a short and powerful fighter who likes to use her judo in the clinch, one would think that the transition to the cage could be beneficial. 

I will be sure to write more about the upcoming event as information is released.

The card will also feature Bantamweight King of Pancrase Shintaro Ishiwatari.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

"V.V" Mei Yamaguchi to face Gina Iniong

On March 29th, Japanese Veteran Mei Yamaguchi (11-6-1) will be making her AtomWeight debut again Gina Iniong (2-1). 

2013-14 saw a lot of fighters retire in Japan. The women's divisions and the promotion Deep Jewels were especially effected. However there are still several very good fighters in Japan. One of these fighters is Mei Yamaguchi. Mei has fought stiff competition throughout her entire career and emerged with a respectable record. Yet, Mei has also competed for most of her career against larger and stronger opponents. Standing at 5ft, she was one of the shorter women in the 115lb division. Now that she is dropping to 105, I expect that she will be fighting on a physically more level playing field. I for one am all for the cut to 105. The 115lb division in Asia dried up over night and there is no one left for her to fight in the division. In addition, with Ham Seo Hee having successfully dropped and Ayaka Hamasaki following suit it only makes sense. Coming off of a razor-thin loss in her last fight, one can expect that Mei will be very motivated to get back into the win column and to make her 105 debut a successful one. 

Gina Iniong will be coming into the fight with a 2-1 record and will also be the hometown favorite. In her two victories she has finished both of her opponents in the first round. Iniong has to be incredibly motivated going into this fight. A chance to fight against a well known veteran is what most rising fighters hope for. A victory for Iniong will catapult her career much like Amber Brown's victory over Ishikawa. From what I gain, it looks like Gina comes from a Muay Thai and striking background. She looks to be very aggressive with her punches and likes to bully her opponents around the cage. 

Both of these fighters have pleasing styles to watch and it should be a good fight.