Friday, March 11, 2016

Amber Brown - Pre-Fight Interview

Esther Lin / Invicta FC
CJThe first time we spoke, you were getting ready to fight Emi Fujino in Japan on short notice. Interestingly, Fujino is a common opponent between you and Hamasaki. Can you talk that fight and how you have changed since then?
ABMy fight with Emi was my 3rd cage fight my whole life! I was brand new to the game and didn't know much at all. I know I put up a great fight, she had a ton of experience over me. I have grown and flourished into a well rounded mixed martial artist. I have learned so much since then.

Amber vs Emi on short notice
CJ: You looked incredibly dominant in your last two fights. Can you talk about them?
AB:I feel that I am a really big, strong 105er. Plus I work so hard everyday in the gym. I feel its all my hardwork paying off.

CJ:Can you also talk about how you got your nickname?
AB: My nickname comes from my amateur boxing days, I had to fight a few people that were younger, also its just my style..always in your face and super aggressive.

CJ: We haven’t gotten to see it in your last two fights, but you normally come into these fights with tremendous cardio, as was obvious in your fight with Liz. Have you changed anything for 5 rounds? Do you think cardio will play a role?
AB: I feel that if the fight does go into the championship rounds, even 2 and 3, I will get stronger as the fight progresses. Cardio won't be an issue at all.

CJ: When you first got to Invicta, they were going through some problems and you had to wait awhile. Now you are fighting for the title and are arguably one of their most exciting fighters. Can you talk about what it’s been like fighting for Invicta?
AB:At first it was rough, not getting fights like I wanted, but within the last year or so fighting for Invicta has been great. I am truly honored to be part of the world's greatest women. Fighting amongst the best.

CJ: Can you talk about the title fight? How do you think it is going to play out?
AB: I plan on Bullying Ayaka, just like I do every opponent. I am going to be aggressive and never back down, I know she is very tough and I have a ton of respect for her. But she has what's mine, and I'll do Whatever it takes to bring that gold back home with me. I feel I can be better than her no matter where the fight goes.

CJYou seem very proud to be from New Mexico. Can you talk about what representing New Mexico means to you when you fight?
ABI am very proud of where I come from and I have a great support system behind me from back home. This fight is not only for me, but all of them as well!

CJ: Can you describe an average day for yourself?
AB:My days are so crazy! I wake up, get my daughter ready for school, then head to training for a good portion of the morning/early afternoon. Once we finish with training, head back home (about 40 miles) from the gym then get my daughter from school and turn around to do it all again that evening. Sometimes I feel there is no down time at all, but its going to pay off!

CJ: You have a number of fans in Japan, one of which wanted me to ask you what your plans were after this fight. Do you see yourself moving to 115 and going for the UFC title at all?
ABI am happy at 105 right now. I want to get this belt and dominate anyone that wants to try and challenge me.

CJAny sponsors or anyone you would like to thank?
AB: I want to thank all my family, coaches, and teammates at FITNHB. Trent Cotney, Hooter's Casino and Hotel, Damage Control Mouthguards, A Reel, Intestinal Fortitude, Dragon Do Fight Gear, Sadie's of NM, Anatolia Turkish and Mediterranean Grill.
All of my fans, friends and family! I love everyone and anyone who supports me!

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Friday, March 11th

Monday, March 7, 2016

Ayaka Hamasaki on Judo, 2015 Interview

The following is a translation of an interview conducted in September of 2015.

Q: Your job, you work for a clinic. It is far away from the heart of the city.
Ayaka: Yes, that's right. It's a 20 minute walk from the station and it's two hours from here so its like a little excursion every time. (laughter)

Q: So a round trip is 4 hours...such a long trip, sounds rough.
Ayaka: In the beginning it was tough (laughter), but I've gotten used to it. Since it is far from the city, I can sit in the train, I'm also able to sit on my way back.

Q: How do you kill time on the train?
Ayaka: I'm usually pretty tired on the way back, so I sleep, I also play on my phone.

Q: The ring doctor for Pancrase also works at that clinic so they are familiar with martial arts.
Ayaka: I started working there last November, so a year has passed. I usually just think of training. When I have afternoon training, I'm able to take time off. Before I worked here, I worked a series of part-time jobs, if I wanted to fight abroad, it depended on whether or not I could take time off. Even if I could go, I wouldn't have money for the month. Now everything is a lot more stable.

Q: What kind of part time jobs?
Ayaka: I worked at a catering restaurant. I worked there for 5-6 years.

Q: You didn't know about women's mma before joining AACC?
Ayaka: An acquaintance of mine, Rina Tomita, introduced me to AACC, I didn't know anything about it.

Q: So you didn't know anything about Megumi Fujii at AACC?
Ayaka: I didn't know anything about Fujii-san. When I saw her body I was amazed that a woman could have a body like that.

Q: When you started going back and forth to the gym, was your goal to get involved in mma?
Ayaka: I went because I wasn't exercising enough and to reduce stress. (laughter) During that time, I was a sports instructor so I was weight training, but it didn't have mean anything. When I heard Tomita was doing mma, I got interested. I asked if there were women. I knew that men did it from TV.

Q: You weren't getting good exercise as a fitness instructor?
Ayaka: It wasn't enough. I would start to sweat and stuff, but I wasn't moving and using my body like I did in Judo.

Q: So you've been addicted to Judo since high school and its been a part of your life since, ever try any other sports?
Ayaka: No....Judo was heart-breaking. It was a lot of fun to win. But, it is extremely strict, Judo practice. If you don't have the right personality you won't be able to do it. I would get so angry while doing it, I can't really said that I had fun with Judo.

Q: Didn't you like Judo when you started?
Ayaka: One trigger was that my friends were doing it. I was pretty mischievous when I was in middle school. Like I stopped going to school for example, cute things like that.

Q: So you weren't acting out violently or anything? (laughter)
Ayaka: It wasn't like that (laughter). When I was in middle school, the teachers didn't want to look after me so they recommended that I start doing high school judo.

Q: I see. So it was Judo for rehabilitation?
Ayaka: That's right. I didn't really have a choice. When I was in high school, I lived in a dorm, so it wasn't like I could quit. It was an athletic school, so all the kids living in the dorms had to be involved with a school club, there were around 30-40 of us in the dorm.

Q: In the boys dorms, the 3 years are like gods and the 1st years are like slaves in the pecking order.
Ayaka: Ah, there wasn't anything like that. There wasn't really a pecking order, with the exception of Judo practice, it was enjoyable. With regards to Judo practice, all I can remember is how strict it was. There was morning training, then school, then evening practice....We weren't able to enjoy ourselves. We trained during summer vacation, we trained during Christmas break (laughter) I was depressed even during summer vacation.

Q: Since there were no classes in the summer, did you only train?
Ayaka: That's right, we trained two to three times a day.

Q: A lot of people in pro-wrestling and marital arts come from Judo, but a lot of them do seem to have a screw loose (laughter).
Ayaka; Ah, yes a lot of them are pretty amusing.

Q: There are a lot (laughter).
Ayaka: No, there aren't that many. There are a lot of normal people too. Just like me, I'm normal! (laughter) Since I started, I did Judo through high school with results, did it through college and even when I started working, until I was 23.

Q: Even though you didn't like it?
Ayaka: I didn't really like it a so much. But I didn't hate it, I think I wanted to do Judo on TV or something.

Q: So you had no interest? (laughter)
Ayaka: But, I am very thankful towards Judo. Judo transformed my life.

Rin Nakai Blog

This is a translation from Rin Nakai's Blog, the original language is Japanese


Yesterday, they came to drug test me at Matsuyama's Muneta Judo Dojo, they disrupted the middle of practice, I must apologize.

The surprise test, anytime, anywhere, I cannot know when it is coming, so I apologize to Muneta Dojo. m(_ _)m

Since I have a lot of work I do, I don't study English, so this is extremely difficult.  (☝;Д;)☝

I got my White Day present early, thank you so much, you must have thought about me having to leave for Australia and got it for me early. I wasn't able to do anything this year for Valentine's Day, I'm sorry (> <) Everything I've been doing both mentally and physically has been geared towards the fight. I will use the money towards the cost of this expedition, thank you very much.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Deep Jewels 11 Results

Courtesy of LadyGo!

While UFC 196 was going on, in Japan Deep Jewels 11 went down. Veteran Emi Tomimatsu earned a big victory over fan favorite Saori Ishioka. DJ champion and Invicta FC fighter Mizuki Inoue destroyed her opponent as expected. Lower on the card, Kana Inamura, who was the series of a vice video series, won her debut.

Emi Tomimatsu defeated Saori Ishioka via RNC in Round 2.

Photo Courtesy of LadyGo!
Mizuki Inoue defeated via Nori Date Armbar in Round 1.

Photo Courtesy of LadyGo!

Mina Kurobe defeated Hana Date via UD.

Photo Courtesy of LadyGo!

Mei Umeo defeated Satomi Takano via SD.

Photo Courtesy of LadyGo!
Pan Hui defeated Real Date via UD.

Photo Courtesy of LadyGo!
Natsumi Muka defeated Tomo Maesawa via Kimura in RD 1.

Photo Courtesy of LadyGo!
Kana Inamura defeated Natsumi Sugie via Armbar in RD1.

Courtesy of LadyGo!