Saturday, September 26, 2015


Narrator: “A duel between the best in Japan”

Narrator: “Little Tiger said you are going to need an ambulance.”
Saya “I will not be the one riding in an ambulance”
Little Tiger “There is no point talking about that comment to those who do not understand, I will show them, it will become obvious to them.

Saya: “Since I was little, I’ve always thought that it looked fun, so I practiced very hard.”

Saya: “I have a dream to become a world champion. I went to the origin and watched Muay Thai. I saw the Muay Thai that I love the most, it seemed obvious to go there if I wanted to be a world champion.

Narrator: “Do you think Little Tiger is running away from you?”
Saya: “ Many times.”
Little Tiger: “How to respond…I have not done that, hearing that has gotten annoying.”

Narrator: “What do you think of your opponent?”
Saya: “She used to have good low kicks, but…(laughter)
Little Tiger: “I think she’s been fighting since she was little, and she is good at Muay Thai.”

Saya: “I want to cut her (laughter)

Little Tiger: “A lot of my supports are coming and I will be the one standing when it is over. A lot of her supporters will be there to see it.