Monday, March 7, 2016

Rin Nakai Blog

This is a translation from Rin Nakai's Blog, the original language is Japanese


Yesterday, they came to drug test me at Matsuyama's Muneta Judo Dojo, they disrupted the middle of practice, I must apologize.

The surprise test, anytime, anywhere, I cannot know when it is coming, so I apologize to Muneta Dojo. m(_ _)m

Since I have a lot of work I do, I don't study English, so this is extremely difficult.  (☝;Д;)☝

I got my White Day present early, thank you so much, you must have thought about me having to leave for Australia and got it for me early. I wasn't able to do anything this year for Valentine's Day, I'm sorry (> <) Everything I've been doing both mentally and physically has been geared towards the fight. I will use the money towards the cost of this expedition, thank you very much.

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