Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Joanna Jedrzejczyk

For those who didn't know, Cage Warriors put on a pretty good show over the weekend. One of the fighters that really stuck out was Joanna Jedrzejczyk. The 6-0 Polish fighter picked up the biggest win of her career. She looked impressive in the opening round, repeatedly hitting and stunning Sexton. The 2nd, saw her rock and knockout the tough as nails Sexton. What was impressive to me was how Joanna set it all up. She reminded me of the striking oriented fighters like Cro-Cop and Liddell. She showed a solid sprawl and defensive wrestling against a grappling oriented fighter, and once it was obvious the fight wasn't going to the ground it only became a manner of time.

Having looked into her a little bit, it is no surprise to see that Joanna competed in Muay Thai before MMA. She has a Muay Thai record of 27-2-1 with 8 KO's. She also won several championships and gold medals. Someone pointed out that her punching power reminded them of Hisae Watanabe. While she is a little bigger than Watanabe the analogy does fit. Every time she hit Sexton with a right I could hear it clearly. Even the commentators were talking about her power. There is some icing of the cake of seeing her fight so well. Turns out she is signed to Invicta FC and will be fighting on one of their upcoming events. At the age of 26, she still has time to develop her takedown defense and ground game. With punching power like she has she will always be a threat but if she can develop those skills, she could be a champion and a star.

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