Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Kamikaze Angel Cometh

Photo Courtesy of LadyGo!

This Saturday, one of Japan's top fighters, Emi Fujino will be stepping into the cage to challenge Jessica Aguilar for the WSOF 115lb Championship. A veteran of 30 MMA, Kickboxing and Shoot Boxing fights, Fujino has made her mark on the Japanese scene. Because of the difficulty in acquiring video of these fights, a lot of fight fans outside of Japan will not know what to expect when Fujino steps into the cage on Saturday night. I can tell you that her nickname, "The Kamikaze Angel" fits her style well. Throughout her career, Fujino has been the aggressor. She has been willing to take a strike to give a strike. As a result, her fights excited the Japanese fans. The way she charged at then Jewels Champion Ayaka Hamasaki, the way she stuck in the pocket and traded with Ham Seo Hee and Mizuki, it left an impression in your mind that lasted long after the event was over. In an interview I conducted with Emi several years ago, I asked her to describe her fight style. She told me she isn't a technician. She's a grinder. The moves she knows, she knows well. Fujino is the physically strongest fighter in the Japanese 115lb division. Unlike a lot of Japanese fighters, Fujino cuts weight. Fujino has fought in a cage several times. All of this has lead people to think that she would do well internationally. Fujino has tried again and again to get a fight outside of Japan but the offers always fell through. Well the wait was worth it because for her first fight outside of Japan, Fujino will be fighting the #1 ranked woman in the world for the Championship on national television.

Past Opponents:
Amber Brown
Mizuki Inoue 
Ayaka Hamasaki
Mika Nagano 
Celine Haga
Megumi Fujii
"V.V" Mei

Despite facing this gauntlet of fighters, the Kamikaze Angel has never been finished. 

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