Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mizuki Inoue Comments from Press Conference

Courtesy of Sherdog

The Following is from the Deep Jewels Press Conference:

I am Hakushinkai's Mizuki. Last time, I didn't act as a professional so to the officials and the fans, the trouble I have caused you is inexcusable. Even during those circumstances my fans swung my towels in the air, the officials who gave me various considerations, my seniors who taught me to fight, I have thought about all of you and how I acted is extremely regrettable and pathetic, that is how I feel. From now on, I will face this in from of me, I will do what I can do, I'm not going to decrease the value of the fight, I'm going to regulate my body so it is perfect and I'm going to go into this fight and throw down the gauntlet. Honestly, I didn't think that I would be fighting Tomimatsu again in my next fight, it bewildered me, I am very thankful to the Deep Jewels officials for matching me up with Tomimatsu. I think the fight will be similar to the last fight so everyone, please continue to support me.

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