Sunday, June 22, 2014

J-Girls 2014 ~ The Shining Wild Angels 2nd results

撮影 石井晃(gravity)

On Sunday, J-Girls held a kick boxing event that had some interesting fights. The two fights that really stood out to me were Ai Takahashi vs Madoka Jinnai and Yukari Yamaguchi vs Megumi. Takahashi seems to have really turned the jets on recently since her losses to Mizuki. Her fight with Jinnai looks like it was a very close fight requiring an extension round, which 1 judge scored for Jinnai. It was nice to see Takahashi fighting some high level talent instead of some of the imports she fights in Shoot Boxing for a change. Mizuki's training partner Yukari Yamaguchi looked about as good as you can in a Pro Debut fight. The 15 year old, cornered by Mizuki, required only a little more than a minute to KO her opponent. She is one to keep your eyes on.

Pro Fights

Ai Takahashi defeated Madoka Jinnai via Majority Decision
The fight was a draw so went to an extension round

Aki Gureisha defeated Kumi Nanba via Unanimous Decision
In the 3rd Rd, Nanba was knocked down

Crusher Keiko Matsukawa defeated Date Nori via Majority Decision

Yoko Odamaki defeated Haruka Asai via Majority Decision

Ruri Shiraishi defeated Basara Nisiya via Unanimous Decision

Kaori Sebata defeated Date Hana via Unanimous Decision
Due to a draw the fight went to an extension round
In the extension round Date received a red card for using an elbow

Fuuka Yoshino defeated Momoka via Unanimous Decision

Yukari Yamaguchi defeated Megumi via KO in 1:08 of RD 1

Amateur Fights

Norika Ryuu defeated Noriko Soutome via KO in :47 of RD 1

Saho Yoshino defeated Midori Katou via Unanimous Decision
Katou was downed in RD 1

Kawani Amano defeated Date Riaru via Unanimous Decision

Reiko Tanaka defeated Husae Harada via Unanimous Decision

Hinata Terayama defeated Miki Kametsu via KO :49 of RD 2
Kemetsu went down in RD 1

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