Monday, June 16, 2014

Deep Jewels 5 Matches Announced!!

There have been some big announcements about Deep Jewels 5.

Despite what she said in an interview with me earlier this year, Ayaka Hamasaki is dropping down to 105 pounds. The AACC standout at 115, will be making her 105 debut against former Jewels Champion Naho "Sugirock" Sugiyama. This is very interesting and good for Deep Jewels. With the numbers of retirements recently, it seems that the a number of the often oversized Japanese 115ers are dropping down to 105 and creating a very solid division. At 105, Hamasaki will have a size advantage over Sugirock and it should be an interesting match.

Also, Emi Tomimatsu will be having a rematch against Mizuki Inoue. People may remember that Mizuki missed weight, and despite finishing Tomimatsu was not able to win the title. This is a big match, that I think Deep Jewels expects Mizuki to win. With her past performance it is hard to argue. That being said, with every fight she's been in, Tomimatsu has looked better and better. She is improving. With the circumstances of the last fight, I felt bad for her kind of being stuck in the middle so I feel like she wants this fight just as much as Mizuki. It should be an exciting fight.

Ayaka Hamasaki vs Naho Sugiyama

115 Title Match
Emi Tomimatsu vs Mizuki Inoue

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