Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rena Blog: Christmas (._.)♡★


Was it…Martial Arts Christmas (._.)? 
I got to talk with Rumina Sato

We went to Roots Gym,  trained a little, did some Judo Locks I can use in SB, then he taught me some techniques for the Shime-Waza (Judo Choke) (°_°)

When I got a good feeling for it, I repeated it! Once I could catch the neck and the arm I would squeeze till the tap ψ(`∇´)ψ (lol)

Then, then the flying warrior!! 
He taught me a flying arm bar

It was way too much fun
If I'm able to do it during a fight maybe I want to try and see (lol)

Then I was given some of Rumina's Shirts and Goods (;_;)

I became pretty close with Rumina's lovely dog Chuck

At the end we went to dinner

I received so much, I am really really thankful (;_;)

Thank you for so many things!!

Such a life in luxury
We will be in the next Fight&Life (magazine) so don't forget to check it out

And Tsutsua, I want to be serious, how often how many times excuse me. (;_;)
Thank you so much!

Rumina, Tsutsuya, every one at Roots Gym, Fight&Life, Thank you so much 

It was a lot of fun ♡\(//∇//)

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