Thursday, June 12, 2014

Deep Jewels 5 Announced

Courtesy of Sherdog

Some details for Deep Jewels 5 have been announced. The event will take place on August 9th. 

Athletes on the card:

Ayaka Hamasaki
Emi Tomimatsu
Mizuki Inoue
Naho "Sugirock" Sugiyama
Miyoko Kusaka
Yuko "Ameba" Ohya
Tamaki Usui

The big news is that Japanese stand-out Ayaka Hamasaki is returning to the ring. After a long lay-off to rehabilitate her knee, she is coming back. Her opponent is yet to be known but a title match with Tomimatsu or a rematch with Mizuki would both be intriguing. It is also nice to see Mizuki on the card. As much as she is known for being a striker, she has been entering BJJ and grappling tournaments and looks to have improved a lot in that area of her game. 

Even at this stage, the card looks to have a nice amount of star power. Hamasaki and Mizuki aside, it will be nice to see Tomimatsu's improving skills and to see Sugirock's attempt to climb back up the ladder after falling down. An addition that I would like to see added to the card is Ayaka Miura. After her impressive performance at the last event, I would like to see Deep Jewels gradually build her up.

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