Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Emi Tomimatsu Blog: Gotta Polish the Belt

At evening I've fallen into a situation where I can't go without taking my socks off…

However after this I have to go outside…

I wonder if it's ok to go to customer's places in sandals?
However, I go with the same things as always on my feet…

Pointed boots…

Should I put them on?

No, it'll be to stuffy!!!


(I think she means not wearing socks in her boots)


At this point my dad says…

"If you put those on, you'll look like Junichi Ishida!"
(Junichi Ishida is famous for not wearing socks)

(´Д` )

Junichi Ishida, well he wears normal leather shoes…I wear boots (´Д`)

But when I heard what my dad said, I chose to go in my leather boots with no socks!!!

I thought…

I've beaten Junichi Ishida!!


It didn't make me happy (lol)

So, yesterday Deep Jewels had a press-conference!!!

And my opponent was chosen!! 

Now there is only this!!!
The picture is big so I wasn't able to get it all in (´Д` ) I'm sorry I couldn't get the whole faces on there!
I don't have any bad intentions! 

It's a rematch from February! The Teen-Girl Prodigy! Mizuki!

So, personally I think it's really good that the rematch will be at 52kg. The world knows her name and she is one of Japan's strongest fighters so I didn't think I would get a second chance…

It would be accurate to say I have trauma!! (lol)
(From the last fight)

But when I think of fighters at 52kg, I think it's now or never!

I want to get rid of this temporary (Championship)!! (lol)

You won't be seeing the same half-finished woman!!

I have certainly changed, I will show you this half-finished woman's evolutionary tree!!

So am I just a attractive older woman?!(´Д` )


So after this fight I'm gonna look at and fix myself!! I've become stupid (lol)

What! I look like a person during their time off…I made a mistake! Ago-Nerd! Metaler (Heavy Metal)! Rie a.k.a. Suzaku fans should definitely come to the Deep Jewels show on 8/9!!!

Here's the event info!!

Deep Jewels Light-Weight Title Match
Emi Tomimatsu vs Mizuki

Deep Jewels 5
Open 5:30 Start 6:00
Shinjuku Face
VIP Ticket 10,000 Yen
Counter 8,000 Yen
A Section 6,000 Yen
B Section 5,000 Yen
+500 Yen if bought at venue

Those of you that know me and want to come should buy Ago-Ticktets!!!
Your Name! Your Address!What kind of Ticket! And How Many!


I'll get you the tickets at the venue smoothly, don't be reluctant!!
If she's in a good mood, Rie a.k.a Suzaku will be there to display and cell her CD's!! (lol)

If I win, I'll Metal with all of you!!!

Impossible letter, I don't know!!!!

So, please support this blooming flower this half-finished woman!!!

I'll be sure to not eat too much fried food!!!

I'm over weight!!!! (´Д`)

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