Monday, June 16, 2014

Emi Tomimatsu Blog: Izzy-Sensei!

Emi Tomimatsu Blog Post

*chan after a name shows friendship i.e Mei-Chan
*She refers to herself as ago, ago-matsu, half-finished girl

It's the rainy season…as far as martial artists are concerned, it's the worst season!!

You have to get a lot of workout clothes, they don't dry!!!

In someway or another if they get dry or half-dry they smell terrible!! 

I don't smell bad! So, don't hate me for it!! (´Д` )

There is no drying machine, even if I did it would take so much time to dry, the electric bill would go way up…

So I have no choice but to rely on a teruterubozu!!!
 (paper doll which children pray to for fine weather)

Even though I have concerns about that, I am training so it is fine (lol)

Yesterday it was reported that on 8/9, at Deep Jewels 5, this half-finished girl will be departing for the front!!

Well, I get hurt here and there so I have no choice but to whip/encourage this old body!!

I've been thinking about the amount I train, from how I used to train I have changed my training style little by little.

It doesn't matter how often I train, if the techniques and foundation aren't solid I can't evolve.

Can this half-finished woman still evolve?

Actually, since I originally fought with such a poor foundation successively, I now feel like I can raise my level everyday!

Well I can also thank Collagen…

Yesterday at CAVE, an MMA Coach from Jackson's came to visit Japan, Izzy, he had a seminar and I received his teaching and participated!

A lot of our (Japan's) top fighters attended, it was a hot, intense, and fun seminar!

Hell, it was probably the first time I've been shy at a seminar (´Д` )

Even amongst the top fighters,  there were fighters on the forefront who fight for the UFC, I listened to the foundation of the technique and practiced/studied it. Even for the top fighters it is to their advantage to evolve and process, so I think it is really important to to make the kind of environment where you can level up.

Thanks to Mei-chan's easy to understand translating, I was able to understand even the finest techniques!! Thank you Mei-chan!!

Izzy was a pleasant and awesome person!! He held a seminar that everyone was satisfied with,   even the top fighters were able to raise their abilities!!

There were a lot of participants from OTOKOGOI! DEEP 6/22's Ochi was there, Ueda whose flourished all over the world was there! At the last Deep Jewels show, even though Ueda was busy he came to support me, during the seminar he brought the Ago-Matsu towel that this half-finished  privileged girl gave him, he specifically brought my towel and told me he likes to use it! Ueda is so kind!! 

If I only went to the seminar and received techniques I wouldn't get stronger, so I'm going to review what I learned and incorporate it into my techniques!!

I met Izzy, and Ishiwatari, who trained at Jackson's with Hirota! And I'd like to thank everyone at Cave for participating, thank you always!!

To improve one's skills burdens one's time and money, I am becoming stronger and investing in myself! During times like this I would really like to thank my sponsors again! Thank you always!! Yes!! Again, from today forward I'll yell (fighting spirit)! I'm going to work and train!!

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