Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ham Seo Hee Interview

Ham Seo Hee with Stun Gun

I recently read a Ham Seo Hee interview that I thought I would share. I got the interview off of LADY GO!. He translated the Korean from the video into Japanese which I am now translating into English. 

A crybaby at home, Rambo in the ring

When I was 20, I crossed over the Sea of Japan, now I've fought over there so many times. 

For about 7 years I was 2nd…2nd...2nd…then I was finally able to hold a championship.

I'm a female warrior that enjoys nail art. Sometimes when I watch T.V Dramas I cry, I also want to be a nail artist myself. I'm a fighter but I also have a kind heart, I have 4 dimensions, that's the kind of girl I am.

When I was in Junior High School, I got in a lot of fights, I really wanted to be a Talent Artist, but when I was in High School I went to a kick boxing tournament and my eyes were opened, it was a new world to me.

When someone messes up my face, I fight with an intensity/fury until the end, when it's over I can feel the blood pumping up my neck.

I fight with everything I have till the last second! If it's a fight that I feel content with, I don't care if I lose. My ultimate goal, is to travel to and fight on the American scene, till the end.

For those that Speak Korean

For those that Speak Japanese

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