Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Girl's S-Cup Announced

Some of the contestants and participants of one of my personal favorite events has been announced.

Tournament Participants:
2009,2010,2012 Champion Rena Kubota
Lorena Klijn
Christina Jurjevic

5 more will be added
Shootboxing said more foreign fighters will be brought in for the tournament


Madoka Jinnai vs Ai Takahashi
(Revenge match)


V.V Mei


Due to scheduling the Girl's S-Cup will be going on near a Deep Jewels and J-Girls event. This means that potential fighters from these organizations will be hard to acquire for the event, so Shoot Boxing seems to be brining in some fighters from abroad for the tournament. Lorena has made it to the semi-finals of the tournament and has since then competed for the organization several times. Christina Jurjevic participated in the 2010 Girl's S-Cup and after a 2 year absence has returned to action. She, like Rena, also represented Shoot Boxing on TV where she fought 3 comedians. As far as the other 5, contestants from either Thailand, China, Taiwan or Korea can be expected to make an appearance as they have in the past. Ham Seo Hee could potentially be placed on the card.

Madoka Jinnai recently lost to Ai Takahashi in a hotly contested match that went several extension rounds. The young fighter has promised revenge and will face Ai under Shoot Boxing rules.

Since her drop in weight, it seems that Mei will most likely be fighting at 48 kg and so will be Mio. It is not yet known if they will be fighting each other or if opponents will be found for them.

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