Thursday, July 17, 2014

Arisa to make Shoot Boxing debut

Photo Courtesy of LadyGo!

Former pro-wrestler Arisa will be making her Shoot Boxing debut at the Girl's S-Cup. She will not be participating in the tournament. She will be taking place in a one-fight match and will be the opening fight of the night. While one may think that a pro-wrestler will transition well into actual combat sports, Arisa appears to have a solid background in Shoot Boxing. Apparently, during her time as a pro-wrestler she was actually training at one of Ceaser's Shoot Boxing gyms. She's been training at a Shoot Boxing gym since she was a little girl with her father. After retiring from wrestling to concentrate on school, it appears that she has started going to the gym again with her father. So unlike most people debuting in Shoot Boxing, she should be quite comfortable with the rules. She will be making her debut against Sama Gotou, who will also be making her debut.

Photo Courtesy of Shoot Boxing

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