Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Momi added to S-Cup

The final addition to the 48kg 4 person tournament has been announced. At 20-9-6, Momi has been one of the more active fighters on the Japanese scene and that doesn't look to change. Fresh off of a draw against Saya Ito, she will be looking to make her mark in the tournament. She has continually fought stiff competition including champions like Chiharu, Little Tiger and Erika Kamimura. More relevant to this tournament though is her victory over 2 time tournament winner, Mio. The two faced off early last year and Momi walked away with the UD. She is also the J-Girls Mini-Flyweight Champion.


"V.V" Mei Yamaguchi
Karate background
Dynamic throws 
(1 and 2 point throws)
2x's S-Cup Finalist


Technical Kickboxer
Prefers Punches
Capable of throws
2x's 48kg Champion

Yukari Yamaguchi

Karate background
Grappling Ability
Trains with 2x's Champion
S-Cup Debut


Strong punches
J-Girl's Champion

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