Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Song Ga-Yeoun Road FC Debut

Road FC ring girl, Song Ga-Yeoun will be at Road FC 17, however this time, it will be as a fighter. The 19 year old will be making her professional debut on 8/17. Her opponent has yet to be announced. In a statement about her debut, it was mentioned that she is an amateur Kickboxer, is training under a member of the national wrestling team and is a part of Doo-Won Seo's team. I had the opportunity to see her shadow boxing in Tokyo and it looked very crisp. Putting her on the card is also nifty for publicity as Ga-Yeoun is part of a South Korean Reality Show called Roommate.

With her being introduced into Road FC and Road FC putting on fights with Ham Seo Hee and Celine Haga, it looks like they are experimenting with building and developing a women's division in Korea.

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