Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Emi Tomimatsu Blog: An Unexpected Accident

Finally it's the end of the rainy season!!
It's way to hot, even though I don't swim I'm thinking of going to the pool!

Even though I don't have a suit (´Д` )

Speaking of that, I'm thinking of going on a vacation after my fight! Slowly the deadline to buy my tickets is coming! If you're worried about it, buy your ticket now!!

Of course, I'm not scamming!! I'm steadily sending out the tickets!

But, near the end of the final spurt, while I was getting hyped up I ran into an unforeseen accident!

Yesterday, while I was driving my car…

I heard a bang!!

The impact on me was big!!

So I moved to the shoulder of the road, put on my hazards and got out of the car, a motorbike rear-ended me!! It caved in my license plate and bumper!!

It was some sushi-delivery bike!

Once before at Sumida River I had an accident into the front of a wall, I slightly injured a person but I was able to settle it out of court.

Ahh! I'm in another accident!!

Of course this time it wasn't my fault. I called the police, I called my insurance and I they made me a medical certificate. My neck got hurt. I think it's whiplash...

I've been trying to take car of myself and I got in an accident. It's really scary. I'm really happy it didn't develop into something serious. It seems that whiplash peaks for about 3 to 4 days, so I can't do anything unreasonable.

It's a jumping disaster! It seems clear that I'm in the middle of an unlucky year! I need to purify myself!

I'm thinking that if I don't find a way to purify myself that I may get seriously injured.

So, I got this from the doctor

I received this cream that I'm supposed to spread…

It's not Banterin!

It's not Indian medicine!!

It's Idomethine cream!!! (lol)

It's printed on there pretty well!!!

Anyway I'm going to try my best to not force it!

So I got home the same day and there was a flyer from the same sushi delivery in my post!!!

It's harassment! (lol)

But, I did have sushi for lunch (´Д` )

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