Tuesday, July 22, 2014

An Optimistic Rin Nakai

"Taking what's been handed down over generations"

I'd really like to thank those at the Judo Dojo who practiced with me today m(_ _)m

Things get passed down from the Sensei (Master of the Gym) to the students (pupils)…
A father passes things down to his children…
Over time a Sempai (senior) passes things down to a Kouhai (junior)…
The small life grows up to support the future

Because of that "Taking what's been handed down over generations" is an amazing feeling.
A thing like Judo, a place like Muneta Dojo, there is a degree of depth, I feel like it's an incredibly full container
If it wasn't so magnificent, it wouldn't be the national sport of Japan.
I've received a lot of love and the actions of  supporting hearts, I don't know how to express it, I have so many feelings of gratitude.
Everyone, really, thank you very much m(_ _)m

I will not fail to pass on what I've learned,
I'm, even now aiming towards my next fight, I won't, I can't do anything but train with all my might
It's the mission that I've imposed on myself

Everyone who's supported me, to those who've given me power, when I feel these feelings even when I'm sad, they make me stronger, the cheer me up!

*m(_ _)m = bowing person

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