Tuesday, July 15, 2014

DJ 5 Update: Ayaka Miura vs Satomi Takano

In another announcement, Deep Jewels has informed us that Satomi "Sarami" Takano will be facing Ayaka Miura in a grappling match. At 24 and 23, Takano and Miura are two interesting up and comers. Takano, who trains out of Club Barbarian, sports a 3-4 record. Despite losing 2 in a row, Takano has looked good in her last 2 fights. She lost a split-decision to previous champion Naho Sugiyama and lost to Saori Ishioka in her last fight. The Ishioka fight was by far the most entertaining fight on the Deep Jewels 4 card and Takano did significant damage to Ishioka with a punch, which may injured Ishioka's orbital bone. Miura, a Judoka, made her professional debut at DJ 4 and left an impression on the viewers. She took her aggressive opponent down and rendered her unconscious with a beautiful arm triangle choke. She hails from Tribe Tokyo and looks to be one of Ryo Chonan's prized students. I was hoping to see these two in MMA matches but a grappling match between the two should be interesting. Especially if a fight between the two materializes down the road. Another interesting factor is that the match will be at 48kg (105). If Miura is dropping down to 105 permanently, it only further adds to the deep division in DJ.

Deep Jewels 5

115 Title
(C) Emi Tomimatsu vs Mizuki Inoue

Ayaka Hamasaki vs Naho Sugiyama

Shizuka Sugiyama vs Hyo Kyung Song

Yuko "Amiba" Oya vs Sachiko Fujimori

Masako Yoshida vs Mina Kurobe

Grappling Rules
Saori Ishioka vs Yukiko Seki

Grappling Rules
Ayaka Miura vs Satomi Takano

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