Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Questions with Hamasaki!

Name: Ayaka Hamasaki
Age: 32
Height: 5"2 (157.5cm)
Weight: 105lb (48kg)
Record: 10-1
Notable Wins: Naho Sugiyama, Emi Fujino, Mizuki Inoue, Ham Seo Hee, and Yuka Tsuji

CJ: You returned to action in August (after a year layoff to recover), and defeated Sugiyama by TKO. That's your first non-injury TKO. You also dropped her with your punches. Can you talk about the fight? Did you think you would win by TKO?

AH: It was my first fight in over a year because of my knee surgery, it was also my first fight at 105, so I was a little nervous. From the beginning of the fight I was looking for either the TKO or the Sub, so its great that I got one.

Courtesy of Lady Go!
Hamasaki Drops Sugiyama
CJ: You were supposed to fight for Invicta FC in November, but the fight fell through because of your opponent's visa problems. Your opponent who you were supposed to fight is now the champion. Did you see her fight with Michelle?

AH: I haven't seen it, but I think that both Herica and Michelle are also very strong.

CJ: Would you like to fight for the Invicta FC title? If so, when?

AH: I want the title! Whenever is ok!

Courtesy of Lady Go!
Two of DJ's Successful Invicta Fighters
CJ: Now there isn't a Deep Jewels 105 champion. Yet, there are a lot of 105 fighters in Japan right now. Are you aiming at the Deep Jewels championship as well?

AH: I'd also like to fight in Japan. However, when it comes to the title, I want the Invicta title more than I want the Deep Jewels title.

CJ: How's your knee? Is it back to 100%?

AH: Yes, I can train and practice without taping without being nervous about it.

Hamasaki before the surgery, where she had to tape her knees.

CJ: You're fighting on a NYE card. Can you talk about what that means to you?

AH: This is my first time at such a big event as a NYE event, so I think I will have a chance to show all the people who come my fight. 
So I will do my best with all of my might!

CJ: Is there anything you would like to say? Anyone you would like to thank?

AH: I'd really like to thank those who have helped me and supported me. I will repay your support by going for the win.

This interview was conducted in Japanese.
The original Japanese below.

CJ: 8月に戻りました。スギロック選手にTKOで勝ちました。最初のTKOですね。スギロックの選手にドロップをしました。試合の事を話していいですか?TKOの準備ですか?試合はどうと思っていますか?

AH: 膝の手術をして1年以上ぶりの試合だったし、48㎏に階級を落としての初めての試合だったので少し不安でしたが始めから1本かKOを狙っていたのでよかったです。

CJ: 11月にInvicta FCの試合がなくなりました。後でエリカ選手はチャンピオンになりました。ミシェル選手とエリカ選手の試合を見ましたか?もし見た、どうと思いましたか?

AH: まだ見てないけど、エリカ選手もミシェルもとても強い選手だと思います。

CJ: Invictaのタイトルマーチが欲しいですか?もししたい、いつ?

AH: タイトルは欲しいです!

CJ: 今、DJに48キロのチャンピオンがないです。だけど、今、48キロ選手が多いですね。このチャンピオンになりたいと思いますか?

AH: 日本でも試合はしたいです。

CJ: ニーはどうですか?100%に戻りましたか?

AH: はい、今はテーピングなしでも不安なく練習できています。

CJ: 大晦日のイベントに試合があります。浜崎選手に意味がありますか?

AH: 初めての大晦日という大舞台で、たくさんの方に試合を見ていただけるチャンスだと思ってます。

CJ: 言いたい事がありますか?感謝したい事がありますか?

AH: 支えてくれてたり、応援してくれてる方々に本当に感謝しています。

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