Sunday, December 28, 2014

Questions with Shizuka Sugiyama #1

Photo from BoutReview

CJ: Since Jewels was hard to watch outside of Japan, some fan's might not know much about you. Can you introduce yourself? How did you get into MMA?

SS: Actually I wasn't interested in any martial art until I was 18. I wanted to be a PE teacher. I loved all kinds of sports. It's said that Japanese PE teachers must teach Judo in junior high, so when I was 19 I visited Zendo-Kai. After I entered Zendo-Kai, I recognized that it's not a Judo gym and they teach more MMA.

CJ: In your last fight, you fought against Hashi. Can you talk about that last fight? What did you learn from the fight?

SS: I totally made many mistakes during the fight. 
Mentality, strategies, training.
Hashi-san always made movement before I moved at any situation.
I think that was an easy game for Hashi and her team.

CJ: You've fought at several weights. Your next fight is at 56.7kg (125lb). Why? Can you give us your reasoning? Will you stay at 56.7kg from now on?

SS: First, there are not many 135 fighters in Japan. I was told that if I wanted to fight this summer, I need to change my weight class to 125. Second, many people say to me that I'm to small and weak for 135 compared with Invicta FC fighters. But I'm still thinking.

Anyway, this time is a challenge.

CJ: There are a lot of Invicta fighters at 56.7kg. Would you like to fight for Invicta? Do you think you want to fight abroad?

SS: Yeah, if I succeed at 56.7kg, I will probably try. Not only Invicta.

CJ: You trained in Australia before. Can you talk about that? Would you like to train abroad again? Where and who with?

SS: I only trained Jiu-Jitsu and No-Gi in Australia, but that's so exciting! 
Of course I want. Wherever great coaches exist.

CJ: Where do you train now? How has your training changed?

SS: I train at Reversal Gym Me, We. Physical training has made my body big and strong.

CJ: You got to meet Dana White in June. How was it? How did that happen?

SS: UFC staff introduced me to Dana at UFC Japan Press Conference.
He always smiled to everyone. He asked me my record, my weight division, next fight ect. 
I was very impressed, he was serious even to me.

CJ: How do you think Rin Nakai will do in the UFC? Have you ever trained with her?

SS: Simply I want Rin to win. Yeah, I rolled with her last month. She is very technical!

CJ: You know a lot about the UFC. On Deep Jewels TV you referenced Chael Sonnen. What fighters do you like? Is there a fight you like? If you got an offer, would you join the UFC?

SS: I like Sonnen. I like intelligent person. I like Roy Nelson's fight style. If the UFC offers me....I'll try to punch opponent like Roy.

Sugiyama channeling Roy against Yabushita

CJ: Were there any fighters or pro-wrestlers that you liked when you were a kid?

SS: No, I'm not interested in pro-wrestling. But Ikuhisa Minowa aka Minowaman is my hero.

CJ: Do you have any hobbies that you do when you're free?

SS: Drawing and cooking.

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