Saturday, December 27, 2014

Questions with Tomimatsu

Courtesy of LADY GO!

Name: Emi Tomimatsu
Age: 32
Height: 5"1
Weight: 114lb (51.7kg)
Record: 8-8
Notable Wins: Celine Haga, Mika Nagano

CJ: Recently you fought and won in Korea. Can you talk about that fight? Also, what was it like fighting in Korea and how did it relate to fighting for PXC?

ET: During the fight I was able to get several takedowns, I'm still on the way to mastering them. I wasn't able to strike or do anything that I had done in training. That I was able to win by a decision away (as the outsider) is kind of a miracle. So I've thought about those things, and then I went to next practice.

Both PXC and Road FC when compared with Japan, have much better compensation. I'd like to see the day when it's like that in Japan.

CJ: What's it mean to you to be fighting on a New Years Eve card?

ET: I've always watched the NYE's card, so now that I'm able to fight on a similar stage makes me happy.

CJ: Recently, a lot of fighters have moved down to 105lb (48kg). What do you think of that? Do you plan on going down as well?

ET: I thought I was going to go down, since there is really no one left at 115lb (52), but I think I'lltry to do my best a little longer.

CJ: You are going to be fighting Emi Fujino, You train together. How do you think the fight will go? Do you have a game plan going into the fight?

ET: Fujino is stronger than most men, so if I can't find a way to defeat her power I can't win. (lol)

CJ: How's your training?

ET: I've been training boxing, MMA, and BJJ at various gyms, since I've been able to train at these places I've improved.

CJ: What would a win over Fujino mean for you?

ET: In Japan right now, the 115 division is Mizuki, Fujino, and myself. We are the top 3. If I win, I'll be number 2.

CJ: Do you have any goals for 2015? How often would you like to fight?

ET: I kind of feel like I'd like to take a break, I'd like to fight abroad again, not only for Deep Jewels, I also want to get a belt.

CJ: Is there anything you would like to say?

ET: WMMA is fun it shows violence and splendor, so please come to the NYE event at the Super Arena!

CJ: Do you know what song you are going to enter to yet?

ET: Of course my younger sister Rie a.k.a. Suzaku! lol

This Interview was conducted in Japanese
(Original Japanese below)

1. 最近、韓国で勝ちました。試合がどうとおもいますか?試合の事を教えて良いですか?
Road FCPXCと違いますか?


3. 最近、色々な選手は48キロにダウンをした。どうと思いますか?富松選手もダウンをするの計画がありますか?

4. 藤野選手と試合がありますね。時々藤野選手とトレーニングをしましたね。試合はどうと思いますか?どんな試合と思いますか?試合のゲームプランは何ですか?
6. 藤野選手に勝って、意味がありますか?
7. 2015のゴールは何ですか?何回試合をしたいと思いますか?

少し休みたい気持ちもありますが、また海外で試合したいし、DEEP JEWELSだけじゃなく、ベルトを取りたいです。
8. 言いたい事がありますか?ありがたい事がありますか?

9. 入る音楽を選びましたか?(Entrance Song)
もちろん、妹Rie a.k.a. Suzakuです!(笑)

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