Monday, December 29, 2014

Questions with Fujino!

Courtesy of Lady Go!

Name: Emi Fujino
Age: 34
Height: 5"3 (160cm)
Weight: 115lb (52kg)
Record: 14-8
Notable Wins: Amber Brown, Mika Nagano, Celine Haga, V.V. Mei

CJ: In your last fight you defeated Ayaka Miura. Can you talk about that fight? What did you think about it?

EF: It's good that I won, but it's bad and unfortunate that I wasn't able to finish. Even my seconds got angry with me for not finishing.

Courtesy of Lady Go!
CJ: Before your fight with Miura, you lost to Jessica Aguilar. Even though you lost, a lot of fans in America thought you performed well. What kind of response did you get from the fans?

EF: I received a lot of messages from American fans after my fight. 

CJ: Do you think you would like to fight in America again?

EF: I'd like to fight in America again.

CJ: In your last fight you were injured, how has your recovery been?

EF: I'm completely recovered now, so it's ok.

Courtesy of Sherdog
CJ: How's your training going? What you have you been training?

EF: I've successfully adjusted my training. Physical training, running, technical, sparring, I'm training all of them several times a day.

CJ: Next year how many times do you think you'd like to fight? Is there a fighter you would like to fight?

EF: I'd like to fight 4 times. There really aren't any opponents left in Japan, so I'd like to fight non-Japanese in America.

CJ: Is there anything you would like to say?

EF: I'm still getting stronger and stronger. Because of that, I'd like to show you more of my fights.  When I watch the UFC 115lbers, I see they are all at a high level and it makes me excited. To the people I always train with, to the people who support me, to those who teach me in privates, to my family who helps me I'd like to say thank you.

Courtesy of Lady Go!

The Kamikaze Angel faces Emi Tomimatsu on NYE

The Interview was conducted in Japanese
The original Japanese is below

CJ: 前の試合に三浦選手に勝ちました。試合の事を話していいですか?試合はどうと思いましたか?

EF: 勝てて良かったけど、ちゃんとフィニッシュできなかったから、全然ダメだった。セコンドにも怒られた。

CJ:  三浦選手の前にアギラー選手に負けました。負けたけど、アメリカのファンは藤野選が強い選手と思いました。アメリカのファンから、どんなリアクションですか?

EF: アメリカのファンからは試合のあとたくさんメッセージをもらってうれしかった。



CJ: 来年に何回試合をしたいと思いますか?欲しい相手がいますか?

EF: 回くらい試合したい。もう日本では相手がいないから、アメリカで日本人以外と試合さしたい。

CJ: 言いたい事がありますか?感謝したい人とかありますか?

EF: 私はまだまだ強くなってる。だからもっと私の試合を見て欲しい。


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