Sunday, December 28, 2014

Questions with Sugiyama!

Courtesy of LADY GO!
Name: Shizuka Sugiyama 
Age: 27
Height: 5'5 (165cm)
Weight: 130lb (59kg)
Record: 12-4
Notable Wins: Celine Haga, Megumi Yabushita

CJ: Your fight is at 130lbs (59kg). Do you want to fight at 125 or 135 in the future?

SS: Yeah, I'll try. If I need. I think I can. But in Japan, I'm ok still at 135.

CJ: You did some work with the UFC, what was that like? Is it your goal to fight for the UFC?

SS: I just helped their local promotion, especially for girls. Those days made me think UFC was the goal I should head to. But it's a very long way.

CJ: UFC has a relationship with Invicta FC. Would you consider fighting for them?

SS: Yes, but any promtoion or event is ok for me now I think.

CJ: In your last fight, you defeated Yurika Nakakaura. Can you talk about that? She was on a 3 fight win streak.

SS: That's the second time I fought her. So I wasn't worried about losing before the fight. But I was not aggressive with my wrestling.

Courtesy of Lady Go!
CJ: How's your training going? How are you preparing?

SS: In my last fight, I wasn't happy because I couldn't use my wrestling techniques. Now, I'm training judo and wrestling more. And next opponent is the champ of boxing. I'll try to use many kickboxing techniques.

CJ: What does it mean to fight on a NYE show?

SS: For me it's honor to fight in a big event. This is not pride or dream but for me this is PRIDE.

CJ: What will a win mean for you? Who would you like to fight next year?

SS; I need to win this fight. I'm gonna offer to fight Hashi again next year.

CJ: Do you have anything you would like to say? Anyone you would like to thank?

SS: Many people and my team are supporting me, and the fans who bought tickets for me. I think I would like to give this win for them. And I'm gonna step up to the stage bigger than this one.

This Interview was conducted in English

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