Thursday, January 1, 2015

Emi Fujino Blog: After the fight

I feel like I've gotten weaker or something.

I got obsessed with winning, I didn't take any risk because all I wanted was to win.

That wasn't the Kamikaze Angel.

That wasn't the situation to fight a defensive fight.

I should have gone in there with nothing to lose, when you fight not to lose, you fight with a boring pride which turns into a boring fight.

I've never done that before.

I want to have fight interesting fights.
I want to have fights that people want to see again.

What I got the most, was that in a fight where I fought to win without taking any risks, this is the most furious I've been.

I will return to the beginning.
I want to go forward tougher/braver.

If it turns out I can't do that, I'll retire.

If I can't fight my a fight where there is a sense of me, I'll end it.

The pictures were taken by Nagao.
Thank you for always taking wonderful pictures!
I love the pictures Nagao takes the best.

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