Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Deep Jewels 7 Participants

The fighters have been announced. As I expected several fighters will be going down to 105 for the first time in their careers. Absent from the grand prix are fighters like Saori Ishioka, Naho Sugiyama, and Ayaka Hamasaki. However, there are some young fighters mixed in like Ayaka Miura and Satomi Takano, so it should be interesting.

The fighters in the 105 grand prix, on 2/21 will be;

V.V. Mei Yamaguchi (12-8)

Emi Tomimatsu (8-9)

Tomo Maesawa (4-4)

Ayaka Miura (1-1)

Satomi Takano (4-5)

Mina Kurobe (4-0)

Yukiko Seki (13-24)

Masako Yoshida (18-20)

In addition, there will be a reserve match between;

Miyoko Kusaka (5-8)
Miki Araki

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