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Questions with Emi Tomimatsu

Name: Emi Tomimatsu
Height: 5"1 (155cm)
Weight: 114 (52kg)
Pro Debut: 10/20/2006
Championship: Deep Jewels 115lb Champion (2/16/2014 - Present)

CJ: Before, people outside of Japan couldn't really watch Jewels or Deep Jewels fights. However Deep Jewels 4 was and 5 will be available on the internet. Since some fans outside of Japan may not know a lot about you, can you introduce yourself and your fight style?

ET: So, I retired from pro-wrestling because of an illness, and I'd always been a fan of Shooto so I joined a gym and I'm still there, Matsudo Paraestra. In the beginning, I started out with Jiu-Jitsu, but then I started to think that MMA looked pretty cool so I started that as well. My fight style, well I'm a brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu so I try to pin my opponent down and now I have added boxing to my skill set.

CJ: You used to Pro-Wrestle and are a big fan of it, can you talk about that?

ET: As soon as I graduated from high school, I entered Yoshimoto Girl's Pro-Wrestling JD. My sensei was the most famous and amazing wrestler in Japan, Jaguar Yokota. However, because of an illness I had to have three operations and it forced me to retire.  Now, I love the independent organizations. There is a organization called 666 that I like and I also like AJPW that does death-matches. I go and watch all the time.

Emi  the Pro-Wrestler
CJ: It is pretty known that you like metal music. Your sister is in an awesome band as well. Can you talk about this and do you have any interesting stories?

ET: My younger sister, Rie a.k.a Suzaku is a famous metal guitarist. She's still independent and has released CD's and DVD's. If you look her up on Youtube you can find some. Everyone in my family likes metal, in summer when our clothes are being washed there are a lot of black-metal t-shirts on the line!

CJ: In 2008, you got injured. A lot of people abroad might not know about this so can you tell us about it and your recovery?

ET: During a match for Pancrase, my small intestine was ruptured and I was immediately taken to the hospital.  I was in the hospital for three weeks, I couldn't eat so I lost 16 pounds. After that I started weight training and returned to practice, that winter I entered a grappling tournament and won.

CJ: In 2013, you fought and lost to Mika Nagano. However, later that year you defeated her in a rematch, what changes did you make?

ET: In the first fight, I feel like I lose because of the takedowns. So I really worked on my boxing and wrestling going into the rematch. I was able to do what I wanted to do, so I won the fight.

CJ: Recently WMMA has changed in Japan. Can you talk about your training and who/where you train?

ET: My home gym is Parestra Matsudo, so I train there, then CAVE gym is near where I work so I train boxing and grappling there as well. In particular, I am taught by the King of Pancrase Ishiwatari and Shooto's Bantamweight Champion Miki.  In addition, I go to train at other gyms, and I take part in V.V. Mei's women's training sessions.
Ishiwatari, Emi, Miki 
V.V Mei's Women's Training
CJ: When you heard that you were going to have a rematch with Mizuki, what was your reaction?

ET: My opponent was overweight in the first fight, so before the rematch she had to lose the weight and maintain it. I really want to get past that first fight, so when I think of my opponent, it can't be anyone but Mizuki. Since you lose a fight because of yourself, I am going forward and without fail will get my revenge, I will go in with a fighting spirit.

CJ: Since you've fought her before, do you feel like you understand her fight style now? Will it be easier in a way for you to prepare for your next fight?

ET: Since we've already fought once, I can measure her up pretty easy, I also understand there are certain things that if I don't get better at them, I won't be able to win.

CJ: Would you ever like to fight in America?

ET: YES! Outside of Japan, Martial Arts's popularity is swelling up and they have respect for Martial Artist. In Japan, the athletes I have access to is restricted, so if I have the chance I'd love to fight abroad.

CJ: On your blog you post about Ramen a lot. What can you tell us about Ramen?

ET: I love ramen. In particular I love Jirou Ramen. It gets greasy with the fat,  people are divided. They either like it or dislike it, since I love Jirou Ramen, I want to go to eat at all of the Jirou Ramen restaurants! Since I will get fat, I'll do it after my fight!

A picture from Emi's Blog

CJ: Finally, can you give us some metal recommendations?

ET: My biggest recommendation is my sister Rie a.k.a Suzaku, I also listen to Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom, EDGUY and In Flames quite a bit. There is a metal festival called LOUD PARK in October that I always look forward to going to!

Comment/Fan Message

ET: A lot of people still don't know a lot about Women's Martial Arts in Japan. We have really acquired and learned our skills, we won't lose to men. Our fights are more exciting and I think our genre is getting more and more popular. For the sake of spreading Women's Martial Arts, this lady will continue to do her best for a bit longer!


Emi vs Mika

Metal Music

Emi's sister Rie a.k.a Suzaku

Arch Enemy

Children of Bodom


In Flames

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