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Girls S-Cup Results

Another year and another Girls S-Cup. In the 50kg tournament, there was some difficulty getting all of the fighters to Japan but that ended up not being a problem. Stand-outs in the 50kg Tournament were Rena and Ticha both of whom seemed to be a level above the rest in terms of technique. Rena remains undefeated in S-Cup Tournaments after dispatching of Ticha. In the 48kg Tournament, the youngest and lightest entrant came out the victor. Yukari Yamaguchi a training partner of Girls S-Cup Champion Mizuki, showed that Mizuki isn't a fluke. Their gym is creating some of the best strikers in Japan and they are coming of age. It will be interesting to see what route she takes as she is active in kick boxing, grappling, MMA and Shoot Boxing. In a match that was supposed to be a rematch between Ai Takahashi and Madoka Jinnai, Ai showcased her power and her knees, putting Nong Em away in the 2nd.

Full results and summaries are below
The summaries and pictures are courtesy of BoutReview

The 50kg Tournament

Rena vs Simone Dommelen

The fight started and Rena landed a kubinage neck throw to get a Shoot Point. Deommelen tried to fight from from the clinch and worked a lot of knees while she was there. As the fight went on, Rena was caught with a knee and a middle kick. Rena may have re-injured her leg while throwing a right low kick as she almost completely stopped throwing kicks with it afterwards. Rena got another Shoot Point in the 3rd round. As the fight neared its end, Rena started to throw and land left middle kicks, left body punches and right hooks with an increasing pace and sealed the decision.

Rena via Unanimous Decision
(30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Christina Jurjevic vs Kill Bee

In the opening round, Kill Bee moved into a barrage of left and right hooks from Jurjevic, which caused her to waver a bit. In the 2nd, Jurjevic was able to get Kill Bee in a Thai Clinch and landed countless knees. She also tried to throw Kill Bee. In the 3rd, Jurjevic went for a Guillotine, she didn't get the submission but she was awarded a valuable Catch Point. Her growth from her first S-Cup when she was 17 is evident. Kill Bee with her physique would probably be better suited for the 48kg tournament.

Christina Jurjevic via Unanimous Decision
(30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Eduarda Lima vs Ticha

Lima arrived on the morning of the tournament and cleared weight shortly before. This may have been bothering her as she seemed to be frantically hunting for a one-punch KO throughout the fight. Ticha picked her shots and landed left middle kicks over and over again. It really overwhelmed Lima. She hit Lima with a front kick which pushed her back then moved forward and got a Thai Plum on Lima. From the Plum she easily handled Lima and threw her to the ground. This 17 year old showed the crowd that she has very impressive Muay Thai and used it to get her victory.

Ticha via Unanimous Decision
(30-29, 30-29, 30-28)

Lorena Klijn vs Jiwaen Lee

As she entered to the ring, Klijn entertained the crowd with her constant screams and yells. During her entrance it was also noted that Klijn had a good deal of tape on her left foot and shin. During the fight, Lorena constantly attempted kubinage neck throws and she was able to land one for a Shoot Point in the 2nd round. Afterwards, Klijn attempted to attack the core of Lee with right hooks. The judges couldn't decide so we had an extension round. Because of all her attempts to get the throw, Klijn looked tired and her accuracy suffered. On the contrary, Lee seems re-energized and moved out of the way of Klijn's charges and landed right middle kick/ right straight combinations over and over again making the winner of the round thus the fight easy.

Jiwaen Lee via Split Decision
(27-29, 29-29, 29-28)
(10-9, 10-9, 9-10)

Rena vs Christina Jurjevic 

In the 1st, Rena had to overcome Christina's reach and attacked her right down the middle. In the 2nd, Christina shook her head to show the punches weren't hurting but as she did Rena nailed her with a left and right hook to the face. In the 3rd Rena continued to show her excellent boxing and as the round was winding down, she blasted Christina with a left hook that sent her to the canvas. Christina got back up but the fight was over.

Rena via Unanimous Decision
(30-27, 30-27, 30-28)

Ticha vs Jiwaen Lee

This fight was very similar to Ticha's first. She showed her superior technique in the 1st and landed countless left middle kicks to Lee. She also started throwing left body straight and straights to the head. The bigger Lee landed a right hook and high kick that really seemed to have hurt Ticha based off of her facial expression. However, Lee started to lose steam and in the 3rd, Ticha landed her left middles and straight punches which gave her the victory.

Ticha via Unanimous Decision
(30-28, 29-29, 29-28)

Rena vs Ticha

As the fight started Ticha threw some front kicks, but Rena was able to clinch with her and landed a Seo-Nage shoulder throw to get a Shoot Point. That Shoot Point seemed to put Rena at ease and she started to get in a groove and land left body hooks with precision. It was after one of these clean left body shots that she followed it up with a clean right straight that sent Ticha to the canvas. In the 2nd, Ticha attempted to clinch with Rena but was caught by a left straight that sent her down again. She managed to get back up but her legs were gone and she could barely stand so the ref stopped it. Rena remains undefeated in tournaments and adds yet another belt to her collection.

The 48kg Tournament

V.V Mei Yamaguchi vs Yukari Yamaguchi

Yukari, who has competed for SB and Jewels before is a training partner of Mizuki and is a 1st year in high school at the age of 16. She's been active in kick boxing, BJJ and MMA since a young age and has won accolades including last years amateur SB tournament and she also made her J-Girls debut with a 1st Round KO. So this match is much anticipated. As the fight started it was evident that she trains with Mizuki. Yukari looked fast, showed a fine feint, and from the southpaw stance was able to show her stiff jab and right low kick which she landed time and time again. She also landed knees from the clinch. Despite V's experience, she did not lose to her in the clinch. In the 3rd, V landed a nice punch but Yukari fired back with a knee and a right straight and stole the momentum right back.

Yukai Yamaguchi vs Majority Decision
(30-29, 29-29, 30-29)

Mio vs Momi

In a rematch, Mio came out in the south-paw stance. She lowered her guard and fired off a right low kick and right straight that both landed well on Momi. Mio seems to have really improved her punching. In the 2nd round, Mio continued to bother Momi with her punches and during a wild exchange she landed a clean right hook that staggered Momi. She then grabbed the stunned Momi and threw her for a Shoot Point. In the 3rd, Mio continued to put pressure on Momi and landed a clean punch as well as some knees.

Mio via Unanimous Decision
(29-28, 29-28, 30-28)

Mio vs Yukari Yamaguchi

In the 1st, Yukari looked the same as she did against V, throwing feints and landing a stiff left jab as well as left and right hooks. Yukari is very composed. During a barrage from Mio she calmly defended herself and blocked all of the shots. In the 2nd, Mio, who was losing the punching contest, started to throw a number of right middle kicks and she also threw some right straights. In the 3rd, she tried to keep kicking so she could stay out of Yukari's punching range. The judges couldn't decide so we had extension rounds. In the extension round, As Mio went to throw a right middle kick, Yukari surprised her. Yukari who had been throwing mainly punches for the fight hit Mio with a front kick to the head and the judges still couldn't decide so there was another round. In the 2nd extension, Mio pushed forward with right middle kicks, front kicks and knees but Yukari hit Mio with a timed left hook that staggered her. Mio had more output during the round but Yukari seemed to have really hurt her. The judges decide that the damage outweighs the output and Yukari wins the Championship.

Yukari Yamaguchi vs Split Decision
(30-29, 28-29, 29-29)
(9-10, 10-10, 10-10)
(10-9, 10-9, 9-10)

Single Matches

Ai Takahahi vs Nong Em

Nong Em from round 1 goes straight for the clinch. During an interaction with Ai near the end of the round she was hit with a right knee to the body that landed cleanly, the blow hurt her bad and Ai pushed her to the ropes and landed a barrage of knees till the end of the round. In the 2nd, Ai landed a left body hook and followed it up with a right knee that sent Nong Em to the canvas. It's a knockout, the fight's over.

Union Akari defeated Yuki Kira via Majority Decision
(30-27, 29-28, 28-28)

Michi Nakamura defeated Tomomi Souda via Unanimous Decision
(30-27, 30-27, 30-28)

Arisa defeated Maki Goto via TKO of Round 2
(2 downs from punches)

Mai Iwata defeated Bovy Okada via Unanimous Decision
(29-26, 29-26, 28-25)

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