Tuesday, August 5, 2014

DJ 5: Tamaki Usui vs Miyoko Kusaka

Name: Tamaki Usui
Age: 30
Height:  5'2 (158cm)
Weight: 105lb (48kg)
Pro-debut: 11/4/2013
Record: 1-0

Having made her debut last year for Deep Jewels, Usui is part of the expanding 105lb division. With a number of 115ers dropping down and a number of new signings, 105 is really becoming an exciting division. Like several of the new additions to DJ, Usui has been involved with martial arts for awhile. She has been competing in grappling and BJJ for several years now and even competed in a number of grappling matches for Jewels in 2011. With her grappling experience, I would say that Usui is the favorite going into this fight.

Name: Miyoko Kusaka
Height: 5'1 (156cm)
Weight: 105lb (48kg)
Pro-debut: 12/11/2009
Record: 4-8

Miyoko Kusaka has been around for a couple of years now. She has faced off a varying degree of opponents but her record is somewhat deceptive. The only opponent that she defeated with a winning record was Kikuyo Ishikawa, who was just beginning her career and defeated Kusaka in a rematch. I feel like she was matched against Usui to test her. If Usui can defeat Kusaka then she belongs in the DJ ranks and if she can't she doesn't. Despite her experience, I would put her as the underdog going into this fight.

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