Tuesday, August 5, 2014

DJ 5: Masako Yoshida vs Mina Kurobe

Name: Masako Yoshida
Age: 31
Height: 5'3 (160cm)
Weight: 105lb (48kg)
Pro-debut: 12/6/2003
Record: 18-19

A long time veteran of MMA, Yoshida has been fighting for around 11 years. During those 11 years she has fought an incredible range of fighters, going from some of the best to some of the worst. Looking at her record and the names on it makes it difficult to gauge her level. Despite losing 19 times, a majority of those losses were to high caliber fighters like Megumi Fujii and Michelle Waterson. She also holds wins over Deep Jewels Champion Emi Tomimatsu and Tomomi Sunaba. Yoshida is officially part of Fight Chix, but a look at her Facebook page will reveal that she trains at a number of gyms with a number of fighters. She's looked good in her last three, so it will be interesting to see how she looks.

Name: Mina Kurobe
Height: 5'2 (157.5cm)
Weight: 105lb (48kg)
Pro-debut: 12/15/2012
Record: 2-0

Hailing from Master Japan, Kurobe has looked good in her 2 fights. A BJJ practitioner, both of her victories have come via RNC. Now Mina hasn't fought in a little over a year and it will be interesting to see how she has progressed. Her opponent, Yoshida, while having lost 19 times, has survived to see the final bell in a majority of those. If Kurobe finds a way to finish Yoshida in the fight, it will be her highest profile win to date. Deep Jewels' 48kg weight division has become very deep recently and a win is important to put her closer to the big fights and an eventual title shot. Given her grappling advantage, I would say that the 2-0 Mina Kurobe is the definite favorite going into this fight.

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