Friday, August 1, 2014

Ittu vs Ito

Japan's rising star, Saya Ito will be fighting on the Queen's Birthday in Thailand as we previously announced and now her opponent has been announced. Saya Ito will be facing off against Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu. Many of you may recognize Sylvie from her documentation of her career while she is in Thailand. Both of these fighters will be bringing a ton of experience into the ring as Sylvie has 69 professional fights and Saya has had 93 amateur fights and 3 professional fights. 

Both of these fighters have shown a deep respect and admiration for Muay Thai and it should be a very interesting fight. The outcome of the fight will have ramifications for the winner. Saya is a former WPMF Champion and a title match with Little Tiger seems to be in her future. However this could all change if Sylvie wins the fight. The fight will undoubtedly be covered by the Japanese press and an Ittu victory could mean that the title shot goes to her instead.

Sylvie has written on her blog about the fight, explaining the significance of the date and the event.

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