Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Watch V.V Mei Fight on Saturday

Courtesy of LadyGo!
Deep Jewels will be available for the first time on USTREAM this weekend and one of the more exciting fighters on the card is "V.V" Mei Yamaguchi. Coming off of two contentious losses, Mei looks to return to the ring a little over a month after her last fight. I can see why Deep Jewels would want Mei on this card. Mei has been ranked in the top 10 before, is one of Japan's best fighters and is known for putting on exciting fights. Her willingness to stand in the pocket and exchange with fighters has made her a fan favorite. Having fought the best of the best in Japan, including 2 victories over the Deep Jewels 115lb champion, Mei is looking to reignite her career with a victory at 105.

"V.V" Mei Facts

1. Has never been finished.

2. Has fought Megumi Fujii, Emi Fujino (x2), Katja Kankaanpaa, Mika Nagano, Emi Tomimatsu (x2), Yuka Tsuji (x2) 

3. Won the first female Pancrase Main-Event

4. Was part of the first VTJ female fight

5. "V.V" is a reference to the V-1 Armlock
(She used to go be V Hajime)
The Japanese was Vー, which is read V Hajime but also looks like V1

6. Has made it to the Shoot Boxing Final Round 2 times

7. Went to college in California and speaks fluent English

8. Mei made a series of self-defense videos with AKB's Shizuka Oya that aired on NHK.


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