Thursday, May 15, 2014

Watch Sugiyama fight for the title!

Courtesy of LadyGo!
With the retirement of Mika Nagano, it seems like Shizuka Sugiyama is the next poster girl for Deep Jewels. Before the end of Jewels, 11 of her 12 fights were under there banner and she developed a strong local fan base. She is also the only woman to recently appear on several Deep cards from the Deep Jewels roster. With an impressive 11-3 record, Sugiyama needs to start fighting tougher opponents and that is what is happening this weekend. Her opponent, the 14-4-1 Takayo Hashi, a 10 year veteran of the sport, is no slouch. Hashi holds wins against Hitomi Akano, Amanda Buckner and Roxanne Modafferi, while having fought Sarah Kaufman, Tara Larosa and Cat Zingano as well. This fight is important for both fighters. For Sugiyama who has had trouble breaking into the upper tier, a win over Hashi would be great for her confidence and prove that she is a top fighter. For Hashi a win over Sugiyama would revitalize her career. Of course being a title fight, the fight holds importance. Previous champions like Naho Sugiyama and Ayaka Hamasaki fought stateside with Invicta during their reigns and winning the title at the 135 division will give the winner international attention.


1. Hashi was the Smackgirl Middleweight Champion

2. Both women took Ji-Yeon Kim to Draws recently. Kim's only 2 fights.

3. Sugiyama took a break from MMA and went to Australia to work on her English and Grappling.

4. Hashi used to be a training partner of Roxanne Modafferi.


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