Tuesday, September 27, 2016

One Female Fight Stats

One of the top promotions in the world, One Championship, a Singapore based promotion, has been putting on an increasing amount of fights in Asia. Starting with 10 fights in 2011, One has increased the number of fights each year to a total of 106 so far in 2016. One has also been developing female talent in the region. When one thinks of One, fighters such as Angela Lee and Ann Osman come to mind and have been heavily promoted by the Organization. What is interesting and important about One, is that they are developing female fighters in areas that we do not traditionally see a lot of fighters emerging from. For example, One has signed the first Taiwanese female mixed martial artist, Malaysian, Cambodian, and Indian female mixed martial artists. Another piece of information that sticks out, is that One tends to bring female fighters back. Other promotions can have the tendency to bring in fighters to fight a promotional fighter and then not bring them back, but more than 50% of the women who fought for One fought for them at least twice.

2016 is not over
While a majority of the women signed by One are not making their mixed martial arts debut, One is giving a lot of women the opportunity to fight on a big stage and to gain valuable experience. One of the most memorable fights in One's history is the title fight between Angela Lee and Mei Yamaguchi. In addition to the fight, Angela Lee is arguably One's most visible star and most popular fighter. This year One signed Angela Lee to a large contract, showing their intent to keep her as one of the faces of the growing promotion. In my opinion, One was actively looking for a female star to promote. One originally threw their weight behind Ann Osman, who has fought for the promotion 7 times, but when Angela Lee burst onto the scene with her exciting submissions, they quickly threw their weight behind her, who has fought for the promotion 6 times, and led to them crowning their first female champion.

Total Fights and Female Fights
At a recent Asian MMA Summit, both Angela Lee and Ann Osman spoke about women in MMA, showing at least an intent by One to continue to expand and develop female fighters within their promotion and the region. Having interviewed several of their fighters, I got the sense that these women's success in One has led to more women coming to their gyms and training, which will most likely lead to more female fighters in the future. If this is true, One's investment in these women seems to be paying off. Hopefully, as more female fighters become available in the area, a greater percentage of One's fights will include women. My only issue is that with One's new weight procedures and classifications, I wonder what is going to happen to their 105ers.

Women who have fought for One:

Walaa Abas (2) 
Amira Badr (1) 
Vy Srey Chai (2) 
Nicole Chua (1) 
Kirstie Gannaway (2)
Renecca Heintzman 1
Natalie Hills (2)
Jenny Huang (3)
Ana Julaton (4)
Angela Lee (6)
Sherilyn Lim (1)
Irina Mazepa (2)
Jujeath Nagaowa (2)
Istela Nunes (1)
Adek Omar (1)
April Osenio (3)
Ann Osman (7)
Elena Pashnina (1)
Ehpriyanut Phouthong (1)
Desi Rahayu (1)
Aya Saied Saber (3)
Tharoth Sam (3)
Mona Samir (1)
Ella Tang (1)
Lena Tkhorevska (1)
Jeet Toshi (4)
Mei Yamaguchi (2)
Haiat Farag Youssef (1)

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