Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Kunlun Female MMA Stats

Kunlun Fight, a Chinese promotion, has been developing female talent within China. This is an atypical case because Kunlun is not a MMA promotion, it is a Kickboxing promotion. However, Kunlun does have a variety of fights under other rules, including MMA fights. Kunlun has only been putting on MMA fights for roughly three years and has not been on a lot of people's radar. However, the promotion has put on 30 female mma fights and has helped develop a couple solid fighters, most notably Maryna Moroz, who fought for the promotion twice and is now in the UFC.

When I look at the data, it seems that Kunlun wants to create a couple of Chinese stars. In order to accomplish this goal, they are willing to fly in women to fight these women. There are three women that stick out, Jin Tang, Jingnan Xiong and Weili Zhang. They combine for roughly half of the fights in the promotion. Outside of them, women are usually brought into the promotion for one fight, most frequently from the Ukraine. This is not a strange practice. Numerous promotions in the area do this, the idea being that you fly in a foreigner to fight the local fighter to get the crowd behind the local fighter and to develop a fan base.

Kunlun recently took their show on the road and had an event in Japan, where Weili Zhang defeated Emi Fujino by TKO (Cut). Prior to the cut, it was an exciting fight and with what I have seen in other promotions, it seems clear that more and more contenders are going to begin emerging from China, with Weili Zhang potentially leading the way. The charts below illustrate that while Kunlun is putting on more and more fights, they are maintaing a nice percentage of female fights with 25% of their MMA fights in 2014, 15% of their fights in 2015 and 24% of their fights in 2016 so far involving women. While Kunlun is doing a good job of developing certain fighters, it would be nice to see them expand what I will call their "permanent roster".

2016 is not over
2016 is not over

List of women who have fought for Kunlun:

Munkhgerel Bayarmaa 1
Karla Benitez 1
Mara Romero Borella 1
Julia Borisova 1
Daria Chibisova 1
Emi Fujino 1
Viktoria Godomchuk 1
Svetlana Gotsyk 1
Feier Huang 3
Inna Hutsal 1
Samantha Jean-Francois 1
Yoo Jin Jung 1
Eugenia Kostina 1
Rochelle Lestino 1
Marina Lvova 1
Yana Lyashko 1
Liliya Kazak 3
Maira Mazar 1
Maryna Moroz 2
Anastasiya Rybalochko 1
Aya Saied Saber 2
Natalya Safronova 1
Colleen Schneider 1
Jin Tang 13
Ekaterina Tarnavskaja 1
Liubov Tiupina 1
Fabrina Vanessa 1
Jingnan Xiong 9
Malihe Younes 1
Weili Zhang 5

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