Friday, July 29, 2016

10 Questions with Jenelyn

Name: Jenelyn Olsim
Age: 19
Height: 5"4
Weight: 115lb (52kg)
Gym: Tribal Submission Team Torogi
Record: 2-0 (1 sub)

WSOF-GC will be having an event this Saturday in the Philippines, in an event that is being dubbed the Philippines vs The World.  One of the fighters representing the Philippines is a young prospect, Jenelyn Olsim. At only 19 and 2-0, she is full of potential and with the love of combat sports in the Philippines could be a star. Unlike Jujeath, Jenelyn comes from a grappling background and will be looking to submit her opponent, Nayara Hemily this Saturday.

CJ: What is your martial arts background? How did you get started with martial arts and when did you decide to go professional?
JO: I'm a grappler. I started with my head coach Christian Gazmin from Tribal Submission. Prior to that I was a basketball player for my college. I started MMA about a year ago, I fell in love with the sport and decided to go pro when the opportunity knocked on my door. 
Jenelyn faces Hemily

CJ: You're relatively new to the game, all of your pro-fights have been this year. Can you talk about your first two fights? What sticks out to you when you think about them?
JO: Yes, I know I am so new to the game. I guess my coaches have seen something special in me that they gave me the opportunity to fight. The first fight I had was with a 40 yr old, Dolores Meek, didn't know much about her, all I knew was she was a student of the Catalan Fighting Systems here in the Philippines that had superior striking skills. I took the fight to the ground and finished her on the last seconds of the first round. Got Lucky, I guess. The second fight was a little tougher on the mindset, a veteran of the sport from Australia that I heard auditioned for the Ultimate Fighter reality show, she had a 4-1 record and I was really up against a very stellar all around fighter. My coaches really had my stick to my game plan and I won unanimously :) Another lucky fight. What sticks out to with both fights is the drive, knowing that we Filipino women actually can compete internationally with top caliber women fighters worldwide. That was the vehicle that had me going. 

CJ: How does it feel to be on such a big card for only your third fight?
JO: My coach always reminds me of this. It is just another day at the office :) We train hard, we fight hard, that's all it has to it. Whatever the outcome is, deep inside, you know you gave it your all.
Both Jujeath and Jenelyn will represent the Philippines 

CJ: WSOF announced potential tournaments and championships for your division. Are those goals of yours? What are your career goals?
JO: Come what may! I know I am here for the long haul. Martial arts is not a hobby or a job for me, it is my lifestyle. 

CJ: I think I saw that you're a criminology student.  Can you talk about that? What's your goal with that?
JO: I am. I have another year until I graduate. My brother, Jerry, who happens to be an MMA fighter like me, is also a Criminology student. I guess, you always look up to somebody and want to follow their footsteps. My goal with that? TO PROTECT AND SERVE :)

CJ: How does it feel to be representing the Philippines at the Philippines vs The World event?
JO: It is a great honor. For all the fighters that came before me and still are fighting in the sport with me. We always take pride representing our roots, our tribe. If you know what i mean :)

CJ: Can you talk about your training? What is your training schedule? What martial arts are you training?
JO: Wow! I have my hands full. I train twice a day, about 3 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the early evening. I mix up cardio, strength and conditioning in the morning, striking MWF and ground game TTHS. My head coach is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and he runs the camp like boot camp :) My other coach is 3x world muay thai champ so I don't really have a choice but to get better.

CJ: Can you describe your fight style for the readers?
JO: At first, I rely more on my grappling and wrestling techniques. But now, with Muay Thai, I really think I've evolved all around. Everyday, I know that there is always room for improvement. 

CJ: When you aren't fighting, what do you like to do?  Any hobbies?
JO: I'm always fighting:) whether be it my off season or no fights to prepare for. My martial arts lifestyle is my hobby. Kidding aside, I like coffee and always wanted to have a dog as my partner. i know i'll get one soon:)

CJ: Is there anything you'd like to say? Anyone you'd like to thank?
JO: I am just another girl that wants to do extraordinary things! My coaches and teammates, my family, that drives me to better myself everyday. Thank you coach Cricket and coach Brent. WE ARE ONE!

We would like to thank Jenelyn for the interview and wish her good luck this Saturday.  You can watch Jenelyn fight this Saturday for WSOF GC.

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