Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Rena to face Lee Jiwaen

Tomohiro Oikawa and Rena
(Photo by Kingo Arita)
Rena's opponent for the upcoming Shoot Boxing event on the 23rd has been announced. She is to face off against Lee Jiwaen. The fight will take place under Shoot Boxing rules with 3x3minute rounds and extension rounds in case of a draw. This will be Rena's 4th fight this year and one would imagine that she is very motivated going into this fight. The event will not only be in her hometown of Osaka, but it is also a retirement event for her coach Tomohiro Oikawa.

Having battled through several injuries and frustrations, Rena has now won 7 fights in a row. Those 7 include the likes of Seo Hee Ham, Erika Kamimura, Mei Yamaguchi and Lorena Klijn. With her level of Shoot Boxing experience and re-found confidence, Rena is the clear favorite going into this fight.

Her opponent going into the fight is the Korean Muay Thai Champion Lee Jiwaen. The winner of the Korean J-Girls tournament in 2010 when she was 15, Jiwaen holds an impressive record of 16-1. Known in for Korea for possessing a deadly high kick, Jiwaen has stated that she wants to take part in next years Girl's S-Cup and in order to do that she must crush Rena. This will not be the Korean's first time fighting in Japan as she has fought for J-Girls in Japan.

In order for Jiwaen to win this fight, there are two clear paths to victory. She must either adapt to the Shoot Boxing rules or attempt to turn the fight into a Kickboxing match. With over 20 professional Shoot Boxing fights under Rena's belt, it would seem wiser to turn the fight into a Kickboxing affair. That is not to say that Rena is a poor Kickboxer, quite the contrary but that the playing field would be more level.

With Jiwaen fighting for a chance to compete in the Girl's S-Cup and Rena fighting at the retirement event of her teacher, this looks to be an action filled fight. It will be interesting to see if Jiwaen can land these kicks that she has grown a reputation for and if Rena will be able to take advantage of her Shoot Boxing Experience. 

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