Monday, December 23, 2013

Kamikaze Angel Comes State-Side

The news has been broken that long-time veteran of the Japanese MMA scene, Emi Fujino, will be making her foreign debut with WSOF. Shigeru Saeki, in charge of Deep Jewels, stated that Fujino has signed a 4 fight contract with WSOF and will make her debut sometime in March. Fujino will still be a part of Deep Jewels and will be their female representative in WSOF.

Emi Fujino released the following statement:
I have received a multiple fight contract from WSOF. I am planned to make my debut in March. It has been a dream of mine for a long time to fight outside of Japan. I would like to thank those who have supported me up to getting this contract! Next year, it will be 10 years since my pro-debut. I will show my strongly built skills. Please continue to support me.

Emi Fujino is very unique for a Japanese fighter. That is one of the reasons that it will be interesting to see her fight abroad. Fujino is a physically strong fighter who sticks to basic techniques. She is the strongest Japanese Strawweight and she also cuts weight before her fights. Both of these will give her an advantage that a lot of Japanese fighters lack when they fight outside of Japan. In addition to these advantages, Fujino is a tough in your face kind of fighter who tends to wear her opponents out. Her signing to the WSOF is both good news.

Here is an interview that I did with Fujino in 2012

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