Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rena to face WPMF Champion

Shoot Boxing Poster Girl, Rena's opponent has been announced. She will be facing off against WPMF Flyweight Champion Phetyordying Sith Archan Supoj from Thailand. This announcement adds to an already fairly stacked Shoot Boxing card. In my opinion, Muay Thai and MMA fighters make the easiest transition to Shoot Boxing rules. The clinching won't be a new aspect to the Thai Champion, but she will have to be wary of submissions. If Supoj wants to win, she will have to adapt a similar game plan to that which Buakaw used to win the S-Cup. Throw kicks from the outside and tie your opponent up in the clinch to cause a break. That being said, Rena should be able to win this match. She has been on a hot streak recently and her experience with the rules and the sport give her a massive advantage. Over the years she has developed a solid left hook to the body and likes to go for the standing triangle choke in the later rounds. 

Rena by Decision (with 1 Shoot point)

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