Sunday, November 3, 2013

Deep Jewels 2 Weigh-Ins and Comments

Deep Jewels will be having their second event this Monday. The event will host the first round of the four person 115 Tournament. In the tournament Emi Fujino will be facing off against Mizuki Inoue and Mika Nagano will fight Emi Tomimatsu. Also on the card is a 105 Title Fight between Seo Hee Ham and Sadae. 
Below I have posted pre-fight comments and weigh-in videos.

Emi Fujino:
"In my last fight, I narrowly got the submission and won but I wasn't able to do what I wanted to do, when I reflect on it was like I wasn't able to do anything. Mizuki is very technical and alone at the top of this division, this time, now matter who the opponent, I am going to do what I want and only what I want. It will be a match where I will do as I will."

Mizuki Inoue:
"Previously, I participated in a grappling match, that match helped me realize that I still have a long way to go in that department. I feel like I want to take a very assertive and aggressive approach to this fight. In MMA, I recently fought for Invicta. Being able to win there has given me confidence, and I think I am in a good flow, I still have energy, I want to win this match as well.This will be the first time I face Fujino in a MMA match. I think that she's the type who likes to exchange blows and is very physically strong, I I don't feel like losing so I will avoid those situations. I am going to make use of what I am good at and fight with all my power!!"

Mika Nagano:
"When I think about my last fight, I wasn't as assertive with my strikes as I could have been. I wasn't able to do the things that I was taught in practice. This tournament's match, that I was able to participate in this tournament makes me really happy. My first opponent is Tomimatsu, she is good on the ground and is a strong fighter, she is very scary. This time, I want a striking match.

I want to demonstrate everything that I've been taught up till now.Whether it's on the feet or the ground I want to win! I want to aim for the "arm cross rainbow" (Her signature Armbar) I have everyone's support so I will be in perfect form!!  So I want everyone to go home feeling great so I'm going to do my best!!!"

Emi Tomimatsu:
"I am really thankful that I was able to enter this Deep Jewels Lightweight Tournament. It is a strange feeling to be in a position to get the belt, but if I get the chance I will take it! Previously, I think that I lost to Nagano by a narrow margin. In that match, I had some bad areas, even I know that. This time, without fail, I will win and excite the crowd, I will have a fight that will show the power of Japanese Women's MMA!"

And the weigh-in videos 
The videos were taken by NEXT STAGE

Mika Nagano, Emi Tomimatsu, Mizuki Inoue

Emi Fujino

Champion Seo Hee Ham

Challenger Sadae

Former Champion Naho Sugiyama

Masako Yoshida

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