Monday, January 25, 2016

Atomweight of the Year

Photo Courtesy of Invicta FC
The Japanese stand-out has done it again, the WMMA Press has selected Ayaka Hamasaki as the Atomweight of the Year for a second year in a row. She has now won the award every year she has competed in the division.

Despite fighting one time, 2015 was a busy and career defining year for Hamasaki. In winning the Invicta FC championship, she became the first Japanese fighter to win a major championship in North America. In addition, she helped train Shoot Boxing's Rena for her successful mma debut and appeared in a Vice Japan series where she helps train two women who have never fought before.

Gong Magazine's Best Fighter of 2015

2016 should be an exciting year for the champion, with wins over the #2, #3, and #4 ranked Atomweights in the world, many think that a fight with #5 ranked Amber Brown may be on the horizon.

The nominees were:

Ayaka Hamasaki (InvictaFC champ) 
Mei Yamaguchi (DEEP JEWELS champ) 
Julia Jones (3-0 in 2015)
 Thaty Bergamaschi (3-0 in 2015) 
Kanna Asakura (2-0 in 2015) 
Amber Brown (1-0 in 2015)

WMMA Press

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