Saturday, February 7, 2015

Matches set for DJ 7

A lottery was held, to set the matches for the tournament. Whoever drew 1 got to pick where they went on the bracket first and whoever picked 8 got to pick last.

Yukiko Seki drew number 1. So she placed her name on the board. Tomo Maesawa drew number 2 and chose to fight Yukiko Seki in the opening fight.

Masako Yoshida drew number 3 and placed her name on the board. Satomi Takano drew number 4 and chose to fight Masako Yoshida.

Ayaka Miura drew number 5 and placed her name on the board. "V.V" Mei drew number 6 and chose to fight Ayaka Miura.

This left Emi Tomimatsu and Mina Kurobe to fight each other.

Yukiko Seki vs. Tomo Maesawa

Masako Yoshida va. Satomi Takano

Ayaka Miura vs. "V.V." Mei Yamaguchi

Emi Tomimatsu vs. Mina Kurobe

Video of the Lottery

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