Saturday, November 1, 2014

Mizuki Inoue Fights Tonight

Scott Hirano, Invicta FC

In tonight's co-main event, Mizuki Inoue will be facing off against Karolina Kowalkiewicz. Having fought her entire career in Japan, Mizuki burst onto the international scene last year when she defeated Bec Rawlings. Throughout the fight she showed the hand and head movement that has made her popular. Since that fight, Mizuki has not been idle. She has been competing in grappling competitions, won two Girl's S-Cups (shootboxing) and became the Deep Jewels Champion. Her striking seems to have improved even more and her underrated grappling has also improved. Before the fight, I had the opportunity to talk to Mizuki about what she's been doing and about the future

CJ: Congratulations on winning the S-Cup again. Is Shootboxing something that you would like to keep doing?

MI: Being the back to back champion has made me a lot more confident. If I get the chance, I'd like to do it again.

CJ: Is there a potential Rena fight in the future?

MI: (Coach Yamaguchi) There was talk that Rena might go up a weight class, but we don't know. If she moves up in weight it wouldn't be a problem, of course she would fight her.

CJ: At this year's S-Cup your teammate, Yukari Yamaguchi won the 105 tournament, how did it feel watching one of your training partners do so well?

MI: It was only her second pro-fight, she was able to win. We train together so I felt very comfotrable about her going into the tournament.

CJ: You recently became the Deep Jewels Champion, with your victory over Tomimatsu, can you talk about that fight?

MI: It was what it was, Tomimatsu actually pushed me in some striking exchanges so I need to look back and learn from that fight. I think she may have adjusted from the first fight but I also think that I might have not been as serious as I needed since I had won the previous fight.

CJ: Do you think a victory over Karolina will put you in a spot to fight for the title?

MI: Eeeh, I think its still too early for that.

CJ: You've fought and beaten Bec Rawlings and Alex Chambers, both of whom are on TUF, have you been able to watch and what do you think?

MI: They are very good fighters, fighters that I would like to fight.

CJ: What are your thoughts on your opponent tonight?

MI: Karolina is a very good striker that is also good on the ground. I think that the fight might turn into a ground battle, which is ok with me because I want to show what I can do on the ground.

CJ: Is there anything you'd like to say?

MI: It's going to be a good fight

CJ: How are you handling all the press related stuff?

MI: (laugher) I'm not really good at it


  1. Nice questions! I really hope the Rena fight materializes. I don't think that Rena will go up in weight, but who knows. I expect that, using Mizuki's experience, Yukari will be an even better fighter when she fights outside Japan.